Vendor Due Diligence/KYC


Vendor Due Diligence/KYC

Companies should not be off guard when doing business with vendors or when venturing with prospective partners or offering credit to a business client. Doing business with companies or individuals without proper due diligence is risky and can lead to fraud, loss of capital, bad debts and legal hassles. Proper due diligence is a must before taking on board someone as a strategic stakeholder of the business. Due diligence on businesses and organizations is a careful collation and presentation of accurate information about such partners.

You can be assured of the quality and credibility of your vendor or customer if you entrust the job of carrying out a comprehensive due diligence to Proquest.

The scope of vendor/customer/partner due diligence is very wide and includes the following qualitative and quantitative factors:

• Verification of business, company or organization existence
• Establishing Legal and statutory compliance of a vendor
• Evaluation of the reputation of the business in the marketplace
• Checks for misappropriation of funds, money laundering, siphoning of funds
• Labour and environmental related issues checks
• Qualitative management report
• Credit history/defaults
• Relationship with other vendors/clients

Proquest is well equipped to do vendor due diligence across India and across the world. Our services are thorough and excellent. We adhere to strict practices and standard ethics in the verification industry. Ensure transparent business transactions and contracts by having due diligence performed on your vendor. We are not only the best and most reliable in delivering our duties in this regard, our services are also very affordable. We have a exceptionally quick turn-around time.