Proquest Offers International Criminal History Check Services


Our presence

Our presence

Proquest Consultancy provides screening and due diligence services across India .We leverage on our strong network ,dedicated team of employees and strategic partners to offer seamless services across the nation. We enjoy a great working relationship with members of Universities , Colleges , Education Departments of Governments, Local Police, Courts, Companies for hassle free and faster verification which allows us easy access to trustworthy information with absolute confidentiality. Contact the sales team at

In addition Proquest also goes the extra mile to conduct verifications in any part of the globe. We adequately utilize online international database for verification of international applicants. It does not matter where your applicants are located, we can help you to verify their identity and relevance for your offer. We can also do a background check on international applicants anywhere in the world.

Our office in Texas ,USA specifically covers USA and Europe verifications apart from catering to the local clients.

Whatever is your business requirement and wherever you are, Proquest is at your disposal. We are just a click and a call away.