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Our ultimate Goal is to ensure that our clients choose the best of applicants and talents available in the employment market. Our desire and commitment is to help your business grow smoothly and seamlessly.

Are you a professional looking to win your business partner's trust ?
Do you want to authenticate your social media profiles to establish a sense of belief and confidence with the people you want to connect with?

Proquest offers you that much needed competitive advantage to stand out in the job market and help you land your dream job , help freelancers and professionals differentiate themselves by verifying their credentials and also help individuals to authenticate their social media profiles to lend credibility to their online avatars.

Why Self Screening? Get screened , get hired!

Screening an employee before on boarding has gained paramount importance across the Industries. 80% of the companies across the globe have incorporated due diligence and employee screening services as an integral process to have a safer and productive workforce. Even though companies are engaged in pre employment screening from their end, individual screening has picked up the momentum in the recent years.


Prescreened and authenticated social media profiles, websites, freelancer or professional profiles on the internet garner immense credibility and premium and enjoy greater prospects of improved social quotient, more projects, more credibility from customers and more hits to their blogs and website . If your profile is already screened and authenticated, HR managers and recruiters show a special consideration than otherwise as it already brings in the element of trust and accuracy of facts.

Small steps for a big leap

“Proquest enjoys great credibility and reputation among the HR fraternity owing to its best practices, trust and uncompromising values. Proquest verification lends credence to the profiles of individuals seeking job opportunities and students seeking higher education options abroad”.

Select - pay and get verified! It's a simple three step process

All you have to do is to select one of our multiple packages or you may mail us for a customized package, make payment through our secure gateway and upload/mail the documents to be verified and we shall get back with a comprehensive background report which you can share with the prospective employees. Also while sending the resume to HR/recruiters, immigration agencies, please mention that you are Proquest verified™ and specify your unique reference code which can be used by the employees to consult with us to form an opinion on the background screening done.

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The following are a few reasons as to why individual screening is indispensable for differentiating your profile in today’s super competitive environment

  • Credibility established
  • Edge over unverified candidates who have applied for the same job post
  • Saves valuable time for HR Dept in taking better decisions and speeding up the Joining Formalities, hence they would prefer you, other parameters being suitable
  • Candidates who want to pursue career and Education opportunities abroad can the stamp the veracity of their credentials through self screening
  • Candidates can include the Screening details in their resumes thereby gaining the confidence and trust of the HRs.
  • Freelance professionals can enhance their professional growth opportunities with pre verifications
  • In addition to job seekers, self verification or individual verification can be extremely useful for people hiring driving staff, household help, people seeking marriage or business alliances, landlords to check the tenant details etc

For professionals, freelancers, e-commerce websites and social media accounts:

It's incredibly simple, write to us what you want to verify at and we'll send you an application form and guide you through the payment and documentation process. Once you receive Proquest verified™ report and seal from us, flash it on your blogs, social media profiles and ecommerce website, demonstrate your genuineness and credibility.