Indian & Global Criminal Database Checks


Indian & Global Criminal Database Checks

It is very important that companies, organization and employees do not fall prey to the misdeeds of people with questionable character. An authentic criminal record verification from an industry leader with expertise, reach and knowledge of processes is absolutely essential for meeting criminal information requirement .

Proquest provides global database checks on criminal records of our clients' employees. We have a well developed technology to run checks on clients globally. We look beyond the local database to establish facts on the records of criminal activity on the profile under verification.

Proquest is noted for best practices and industry standards. Proquest has access to the best database checks online across the world.

The following databases are covered under our global database checks:
• Global law enforcement dataset
• Criminal database check-India database
• Compliance database
• Banned companies dataset
• Diploma mills/ unaccredited universities dataset
• OFAC + database
• Alleged terrorist dataset
• Suspect employers dataset
• 911 Sub poena
• Global Regulatory Dataset
• Global Financial Regulatory Dataset
• Global Terrorist (Govt Agencies) Dataset