Education verification



Proper education verification has become paramount in these days of advanced digital technologies. Many employees who are desperate to land their dream job have gone ahead to forge graduation certificates. Several recent surveys from hiring managers and recruiters indicate that resume falsehoods are on the rise, and that they are just as likely to come from high-profile chief executives as recent college graduates.

Proquest has a competent team which plays a crucial role in ascertaining the authenticity of the educational transcripts provided by the prospective candidates thereby fishing out fake degree certificates and ensuring that only genuinely qualified people are employed during the hiring process. Proquest offers the quickest TAT across the Industry for the following reasons.

Close network with members of :

  • • Universities
  • • Colleges
  • • Education departments of governments
  • • Effective use of existing database which includes details of fake universities and college names thereby saving money and time for the client
  • • Access to first hand and authentic information