Drug abuse screening


Drug abuse screening

Drug and health screening is becoming increasingly important due to the high rate of drug abuse across organisations.

Every organization needs a respected screening partner. Proquest can assist you to implement and manage an effective health screening programme for your employees.

Drug test and screening is important for employees to make effective and smart hiring decisions as well as retention. It helps organization to operate in a drug-free environment which is necessary for optimum performance in this 21st century. Unlike other verifications, drug verification has to be undertaken by the companies periodically on all employees to avoid disrepute and hassles at workplace .

Proquest has the right and exact solutions to fit your business, company or organization needs. Our drug and health screening is highly comprehensive and all encompassing.

Drug and health screening can be very complex. We have a team of well trained experts and personnel to your help organization maintain full compliance with health and drug related policies.

Quality and reliable health screening reports are presented to guide your recruitment or retention decisions. Proquest offers the below drug screening components to companies across India:

• 5 Panel Drug Screening
• 9 Panel Drug Screening
• 10 Panel Drug Screening