Premium is placed on experience by any organization during the hiring process. In order to land a well paying job, many candidates resort to forging their work experience. Many applicants do this because they are in a hurry to get good profile and a fat pay. They want to do better than their peers. Besides, most companies require many years of experience they may not have. In order to secure a job at all costs, the employment history is faked. Hence, verification of the employment history of the candidates from a trusted partner like Proquest is a must.

Employee screening by Proquest addresses all loopholes that may arise during the hiring process. The role of employment screening is to ascertain the authenticity of every detail submitted by the applicants in order to select the best and suitable candidate for the job advertised.

Employment screening is tailored towards achieving the following objectives:

-Verifying background details of your employees and prospective employees
- Standard and quality verification within a limited time
- Identifying talents and selecting the best candidate for a job position
- Detail report of analysis and findings by verifying the following components for assuring that the right candidate is hired for right reasons

  • Employment tenure
  • Designation
  • Remuneration
  • Conduct
  • Reason for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire

Proquest offers the following competitive advantages for securing authentic and quick reverts:

• Proquest has developed its own in house HR Database thereby minimising the time taken for initiating the employment checks

• Fully conversant with ex-employment procedures of various companies across India thereby saving the valuable time and resources of HR Department

Do you know that many fraudulent profiles go unnoticed when existing employees are unverified or when companies don't check the backgrounds at regular intervals

Proquest offers special packages for periodical checks and checks for existing employees. For customised offers, write to us at